Thursday, July 31, 2014


Words that are HOMOPHOBIC and WHY

Homophobia. Prejudice against (fear or dislike of) homosexual people and homosexuality

You're such a fag! Whether or not identifies as gay, calling them a "fag/faggot" can be extremely offensive. It should not be used as a joke or without consent.

That person doesn't really look like a man/ woman. It should not be assumed that all gays strived to be feminine or be a cross-dresser and Trans men strived to be masculine. Gender presentation is fluid and distinct from gender identity and all forms of gender expression deserve affirmation.

What's your name when the night comes out? This implies the person's gender identity and chosen name are not "real" and bears on the idea of Homosexuals as deceptive.

Using the wrong pronouns or making assumptions about others' gender identities. It is vital that we respect the names and pronouns that people prefer. It is impossible to know without asking. If you're not sure, ask "What are your preferred pronouns?"

Asking others about Transperson's identity. It is inappropriate. Ask yourself why you want to know. If you're concerned about using the person's preferred pronouns, ask them directly.

Designed by: G. Mendoza & J. Adres

Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm on TOP! / Travel Experiences


Why do I climb?

Mountain climbing is definitely a different experience, for me. It challenge us physically, mentally and emotionally. (ofc + financially LOL) In my case despite of having an asthma, it is challenging for me to climb but there is something that drives me to continue to rise above my limitation and conquer all the challenges. Why? I do keep climbing to reborn, refresh again and again. There is nothing wrong about being born again. It is just to find your own self, to find the truth and what is important in your life. 

(At the peak) First climb was at the Mt. Batulao located at Nasugbu, Batangas. (for more info visit The first time was a surreal experience and of course I owe it to Ms. Gladys, my classmate. And ofc, the few members of Cavite State University Mountaineers. (More photos here FB/ Ghulli Ghush)

(At the campsite) Second climb was at the Mt. Pico De Loro situated at Ternate, Cavite. (Visit for more info) It was a birthday climb of my cousin Ann. We celebrated her birthday at the mountain with Ms. Anna, her friend and we ate Ensaymada as her birthday cake. We didn't reached the peak one and the monolith due to the strong wind because it was December and it was very cold. But it was fun and challenging at the same time cause we got lost LOL THANK GOD we found our way back. 

(Peak one, Second time at Mt. Pico de Loro) So, my third climb was at Pico again and this time YAASS! I reached the the two peaks. What a view!? I think that was the Boracay De Cavite as you can see on the photo and the Crocodile Island in Batangas, if i'm not mistaken. 

(Monolith or the Parrot's beak as they called, the peak two) and YAAASS! I made it to the top. see! Me and Ma'am Nora holding each other and were like flying!! FULFILLED! :like:

(Closer portrait at the peak two) Two thumbs up for the gay who reached the top of the world LOL Hi to Te Ann and Te Lyds who's behind me. If you will notice them.  

(At the peak) My fourth time was at Mt. Calvary (Kalbaryo) located at Quezon Province. Im not sure about the exact location but it is also situated near Mt. Banahaw, info It was holy week when we climb at Kalbaryo and that was very mystical adventure. I was culture shocked, never thought of what is happening around me at that time. My heart was left there so I must go back there every holy week or might not just holy week. I can't tell everything of the story and I'm sorry for that but I will post a story related to this or just ok just in the near future. <3

So there, just an update on my blog. I've missed blogging. I wish to have more travel experiences so that I can share it and post it here. Thank you for all the people that accidentally clicked the link or this blog and have read what's on this blog. HAHAHA Thanks everyone! Yaaayyy. so there it is. 

Love, Art and Peace,

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Philippine Fashion Week Experience

Me and Jovelle (my bestfriend) So, just so you know that she is the craziest friend that I have. One thing in common, I think we know how to deal with boys when it comes to love. LOL We love fashion! xx
(primadonna dress, Lee coat, Herbench socks, Human belt, Parisian bag, S&H shoes )
Heel less x Bootie #shoeselfie

more photos here: Ghulli Ghush on FACEBOOK
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Saturday, August 31, 2013



Washday Wednesday: 3x3 Prints

Spring 2013 hot trends you're going to want to be all over: Printed Clothing.

Playing with prints are not safe. It can ruined your style and whole look in a day. Choose
the right prints that fits you or fits your mood. And don't forget, style before trends.
Xoxo Anti-flirt collection Camouflage print Jacket, K2 pants, Freeway dress
Parisian Satchel bag, Bench socks, Primadonna vintage black shoes
CAMOUFLAGE: Fabric or garment dyed in splotches of green, brown, tan and
black so as to make the wearer indistinguishable from the surrounding environment. This
print will definitely sets the mood of angers, fierceness, ferociousness and it is very edgy.
I decided to wear this kind of print because of what I felt on that day and it
reflects on my personality. So, this whole look was in spades of trying different look
that I have never tried before.
PinkFloyd tee, NEXT floral pants, Urbanizta vintage watch, DIY shoes

FLORAL: Patterns of flowers. Prints that commonly look like girly, very feminine and a bit
of a classy look. This is one of the hottest trend on spring 2013, so, you can see a lot
of floral prints in every clothing line. Who doesn't have this kind of prints? Maybe, you're not
in-- this summer but would also fit the fall and winter time.

Artwork Marilyn Monroe tee, Human studded belt, Forever21 maxi skirt, DIY gladiator shoes, Bench hair
BLACK and WHITE: Black and white prints are never out on the runway. It is bold, dark and
classy. So, the look was actually inspired of Anne Hathaway wearing a classy maxi skirt.
She is not really fashionable but she has an unique personal style.

Maxi skirts!  ❤

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Lady Gaga released her first single #Applause unexpectedly last Monday, Aug. 12, 2013.
MTV VMA 2013 comeback stage on August 25 to perform
her new single #Applause.
ALBUM on 11.11
#Applause OUT NOW!






The ART of POP: All four of GAGA's V Magazine Cover Stories